Twenty Nine!

The concept of numbers is a bit funny. They give value, conclusiveness and quantity to things but are also kind of arbitrary, made up and subjective. 

It’s been exactly 489 days since my last blog post. It’s been almost 2 years since I moved to this amazing country. During that time, I’ve had approximately 24 hair cuts, won exactly 3 football matches and have received 1 master’s degree

This in no way tells the entire story. It doesn’t even begin to do so.

I recently heard Mitchell F Chan speak about Yves Klein, Bitcoin and the value of the immaterial pictorial sensibility of the colour blue

Klein was an artist who put forth the notion of art being an extrapolation of what is really true. That as an artist, we were limited by the tools that we had at our disposal. Instead he spoke about how the value of the immaterial sensibility of art and specifically of the colour blue. 

I left with questions which needed further pondering and thought I’d leave them right about here. 

What is real value? 

What is really important? Who is really important?    

Is everything subjective, Is there a definitive almost ultimate perspective…. (of everything)? 

I also turn 29 years old in 1 day from now and I seem to be asking myself those very questions. Belief is an important thing. It is the differentiating factor between what is real and what is imaginary. 

A friend of mine recently told me that I’ve always been incredibly positive. Optimism isn’t as much a choice but rather a more honest way of being. 

For C : “There is no secret ingredient”

Musical Pairing: Young, Dumb & Broke - Khalid 

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