I’ve lately been reading quite a bit about something called Affect theory mostly written about by this guy

In a nutshell, it breaks down consciousness into a pre understanding of things and a contextual meaning of things. So imagine your brain basically registering an image without context autonomously and then forming thoughts and attaching meaning to it as a secondary action. 

What Massumi also says is that we, as highly functioning blobs of matter, don’t necessarily tell our brain what to do but more so tell our brains what not to do at a certain instant. Like say clicking our fingers. That, according to this guy would be basically telling our fingers to not to do a million other things and just click your fingers. 

This is of course really off a tangent from the usual jargon that I write here but I do mention this specifically because it relates to another line of philosophical jargon that really means a lot to me. 

Existence precedes essence - Sartre

Meaning, you don’t do because you are but you are what you do

Yes, existentialism is kind of a big deal to me.

So how is this related? Well, if one is to believe what these two odd looking gentlemen have to say then well it more so gives rise to the fact that we really consciously or otherwise choose to perceive and take action, looking and doing things in a way that we particularly choose. 

I promise this is less convoluted and well documented than it sounds to be. 

It’s important, well just cause. 

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Today I stumble and procrastinate over and over again. Reading one post about the world ending while talking about life, the weather and all the irrelevant stuff that stops me from doing what I must do. 

During my day of stumbling, I do ironically find something which dint make complete sense to me at the time. Link here via Nowness

It was a reading by Andrew Scott where he brings to life a letter between pioneering American artist Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse where Sol imparts invaluable advice which has since been read and reread all over the world, inspiring artists and makers to do and be who they must.  

He talks about getting out of your own way, putting aside your own inhibitions, your own expectations, your own standards and your own convoluted thinking of amounting and making something which is supposed to be something and just ‘doing’. 

On days such as today, it seems only but apt that I stumble onto this. Life advice always seems to come when it’s most needed, as long as one is willing to listen.


Every once in a while, I feel the need to remind myself about the important things. The reasons behind why we do the things we do.

At times, this is absolutely clear. Like a race, there is a start, a finish and a limited amount of time to get to where one needs to be. 

But on the other days, Life feels blurry. Like walking through a mist covered field. Directionless, confusing and lacking orientation.

One assumes this swaying motion between clear thought and utter confusion is necessary, taking us two steps forward, one step back.

Strange how that almost seems like a form of dance. 

Musical pairing: Depth over Distance - Ben Howard

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