It’s about perspective. Failure is an opportunity. Failure means you’re trying to do something, trying to do more, be more than who you are right now. 

That’s cool. That’s necessary. 

The most important thing about failing is what you do next. One can either crib and bitch about it or can learn from it, understand it, figure out a way to try again. 

That’s really important. That’s like the most important stuff. 

I feel contemplative today and I feel like watching this again. I’ve heard Neil Gaiman speak about making good art about a dozen times now and probably know word for word what he says but at times we need to remind ourselves of the things we already know. 

The reason I wanted to put metaphorical words on metaphorical paper today was simply to emphasize the importance of the moment right after you don’t achieve exactly what you thought you would. 

That moment is absolutely key.

Musical pairing: Starlight by Muse

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