We’re part of a generation which is always connected to each other and to the world at large however we’re also part of a society which is lonelier than ever before. 

No one really commits to anything anymore. Words like commitment-phobic dint exist up until a couple of decades ago. We’re always playing the odds, making sure we’ve got options. It’s all a bit foolish really. 

I once qualified people as floating bubbles, randomly bumping into one another without higher brain or heart functions hoping that something sticks. The hope, of course is that that’s not the case, that we can be more than just complete mush. 

During one such ‘life-understanding-type’ conversations, a friend of mine and I came to the simple, strange hypothesis that people are simply the worst. 

Yes, this is a definitely a stupid statement to make. It’s unqualified, generalized and really doesn’t mean anything to anyone in particular. But it seems to take the pressure off.

I’ll refer to something this guy said. He talks about how we’re always looking for the best possible thing. The best people, the best relationships, the best toothbrush. 

Fortunately or otherwise, everything cannot be simply quantified or Google searched, yet we do try our best. (I recently stumbled onto a dating app specially for fitness buffs called Sweatt with two ‘t’s) 

This wasn’t however always true, something Aziz Anzari actually talks about in his book, ’Modern Romance’ is how a generation ago, things were simpler, we meet a guy, you meet a girl, you ask them out and that’s that. 

But today, we’ve got options

Why is this important? 

I’m not completely certain just yet but I’m hoping future me has a better answer. 

Musical pairing (Special edition): Famous by Aziz Ansari x Kanye West

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