Today I stumble and procrastinate over and over again. Reading one post about the world ending while talking about life, the weather and all the irrelevant stuff that stops me from doing what I must do. 

During my day of stumbling, I do ironically find something which dint make complete sense to me at the time. Link here via Nowness

It was a reading by Andrew Scott where he brings to life a letter between pioneering American artist Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse where Sol imparts invaluable advice which has since been read and reread all over the world, inspiring artists and makers to do and be who they must.  

He talks about getting out of your own way, putting aside your own inhibitions, your own expectations, your own standards and your own convoluted thinking of amounting and making something which is supposed to be something and just ‘doing’. 

On days such as today, it seems only but apt that I stumble onto this. Life advice always seems to come when it’s most needed, as long as one is willing to listen.

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