As part of the Digital Futures Program at OCAD U, one of our first group projects was to plan and execute a hypothetical transmedia project for the Bata Shoe Museum. The team comprised of Margarita Castro, Marcus Gordon, Jason Tseng, Marcelo Luft and myself. 

We wanted to focus on the multicultural city of Toronto and celebrate the lives of the people that call it home through the stories that their shoes tell. We realized that every shoe tells a story of where they've been, where they're going and who the person wearing them are. 


We created multiple touch points of communication which would all funnel back to the actual museum and thus increase the number of people visiting the museum as well as introducing new people to the BSM. 

We proposed creating an interactive tablet which could be accessed at the museum to create your own unique pair of shoes based on where you've been and who you are. These shoes would then be voted for and the one's that win would be fabricated and placed as pieces of work in the very locations which inspired their creation.  

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