As Project Manager at Wieden and Kennedy, New Delhi, I had the opportunity to do extensive research into the relationship of people with the clothes they wear.

MegaMart is a one-stop apparel destination for the whole family. It operates on four pillars – high quality international brands, the latest fashions, great customer service, and value prices. Though it is well established in terms of the practical value it offers its customers, the connection at an emotional level is unclear. 

Research Objectives

  • Identify the emotional value and socio-cultural contexts that Megamart can uniquely address.
  • Understand emotional and attitudinal triggers and barriers towards shopping at MegaMart.
  • Understand current attitudes towards competitors and category advertising. 


  • Ethnography to discover insights and interpret people’s behaviour on their own terms in MegaMart-heavy markets.
  • Mini-groups to dimensionalise and validate insights in a non-south market. 

Ethnography Design

  • Two major markets where MegaMart is present.
  • 7-8 hour observation + wardrobe audit + depth interview.
  • 2 days per ethnography.

Mini Group Design

  • 2 triads + 1 quad
  • 2 hours per group 


Through our study, we were able to find deeper, more meaningful relationships that exist between people and the clothes they wear. 

Clothes reveal the deeper, less heard stories which remain as memories within our hearts and wardrobes. We learnt that clothes have a greater emotional purpose than we realize.

Emotional value of clothes 

  • Help me be comfortable
  • Keep me connected
  • Make my presence felt
  • Make me feel happy and new
  • Enable acts of empowerment
  • Give my idiosyncrasies an outlet 
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