As Project Manager at Wieden and Kennedy, New Delhi, one of the most interesting projects that I had a chance to work on was understanding the customer journey for Matrix Cellular. 

Matrix Cellular is a Pan-India calling card service which provides SIM cards for people travelling abroad. The complexity of their business model along with the unregulated amount of information that is given to a customer at different points in time leads to a large number of unhappy customers. To provide context, Matrix received 11,000 complaints a month, approximately 1.3 lakh complaints a year. This meant that every 1 out of 4 customer were not happy and more importantly probably would not use the service again.

The understanding that we immediately had as a creative agency was that advertising was not the right means to solve a business problem, instead we took a deep look into company processes, individual motivations and customer understanding to improve their product.


In order to understand the actual reasons behind the complaints and address the problem at its source, we studied the complete customer journey of a person using a Matrix SIM.

We investigated this by speaking with different customer facing silos from billing, sales, customer care and complaint addressal teams. 


We were able to break down the scenario into three main objectives which needed immediate addressal. 

  • Comprehension of the product
  • Managing the burden of the sales representative
  • Quality controlled communication processes

Grievance Addressal

Their current complaint cycle was also something that had never been looked at and analyzed. We broke down the steps from when a customer calls in with a complaint to the point where the problem escalates to such a state where legal action had to be taken. 

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