As part of the Digital Futures Program at OCAD U, we were asked to create an interactive installation which made someone feel something tangible. This was as much a design challenge as it was a technical skill based objective. 

Using really simple moving parts and of the shelf sensors, I tried to bring to life this strange looking creature that I called Gunther. Playing on a very human emotion of curiosity and fear, I created the installation called 'Like or Dislike'. 

When a person approaches Gunther, he chooses to either come and greet the person or get scared and hide. This felt really true for people too and that's why it made for an exploration worth investigating. 


Using an Arduino circuit board, multiple servo motors and a ultrasonic distance sensor, I was able to mimic motion and introduce randomness into the world, thus creating something which doesn't always do what you tell it to do or what you expect it to do. 

My initial concept was built on facial recognition software built on Processing, however keeping in mind the human element and size of what I had in mind, I chose to go with something much simpler. 


While coming up with the concept of my piece, I looked at what we as humans consider to be human in a way. From animated cartoon films to stuff toys and smilie faces. This project was as much about understanding how people function as it was understanding how Gunther was meant to function. 

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