During my time as Project Manager at Wieden and Kennedy, New Delhi, I had the opportunity to work on a daily basis with one of the most innovative companies in the world (As voted by Fast Company in March 2013). 

IndiGo Airlines is a low cost carrier airline who redefined the travel space within India through it's cool, light hearted, pragmatic approach to flying. We focused on creating an experience for every customer in turn gained the trust and loyalty of a country. 

In Flight

This experience begins from the moment you reach the airport to when you get off the plane. Using cute baggage tags, get well soon cards, fragile stickers and small thought through touch points, we were able to create a conversation with resonated with people in India who were looking for an experience when they flew. 

Flying remains aspirational in an Indian context and we wanted to make sure that people feel special whenever they flew with IndiGo. 

Food Packaging

This was a really an interesting way to engage with our fans, we created mini experiences which were inspired by the food that was sold on board. We looked at cultural trends, local insights and fun lighthearted wordplay to make packaging that wasn't only loved by the people on board but also recognised by design world at large. 

Wallpaper magazine showcased our smartly packaged samosas as an editor's pick. 


Another revenue generating product that we were able to create and leverage was the inflight catalogue. Creating a piece of work which looked as good as the products in side meant that advertisers as well as other brands constantly wanted to be featured within its pages. 

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